Dating happily

Starting, repairing or enhancing a relationship is a great New Year resolution. The beginning of the New Year offers hope and the ability to change. We make choices to start new relationships, bring back youth to our marriages, or just learn how to let go.  Then time goes by and we get busy! Less thought goes into the relationships and more into how to make money, take care of our obligations, and just survive.

Just surviving and relationships should not even be in the same sentence. Dating should be the best roller coaster ride you have ever been on. It is the moment to figure out if the behaviors being newly introduced to you enhance your life or make it worse. Marriage should be amazing. We get married to share our love and to add more happiness to our already happy lives. Sometimes neither of these work, boundaries are crossed and need to just let go.

There are 3 types of Daters.

The type of people that love dating: These are the ones who are either falling in love or just having so much fun.

The type of people that hate dating: These people hate it because, they are sticking too long with the wrong guys/girls or spending too much time changing themselves. Maybe they tried and weren’t happy with the results or sadly, they just don’t know how to put themselves out there to find a date.

Then there is the final type: The ones who just dont care. They have it the easiest!

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