Marriage and Relationships

“We use to be goofy and laugh,” the counselor hears for the 3,000th time in therapy.

Remember the days where you would crack silly jokes and would laugh in bed for hours, never wanting to separate from your lover and wishing you could quit all other obligations just to stay right there at that moment… in love.

Slowly the butterflies in your stomach ceased, as you were “told they would”, and real life sets in. You decided to move the relationship forward, got busy with married life, had children and added other new obligations into your world.

The spark that brings people together can sometimes begin to fade, others burn out completely and some couples struggle to bring it back.

What if getting the laughter back in your marriage doesn’t require a trip to the moon but just enough effort to bring the laughter and fun back to your love.
If you are like most people you can take life and yourself a little too seriously and that always stunts laughter. Laughter connects people and remains a critical healing component in relationships.

Recognizing that there are different types of couples in marriages and knowing your marriage is always helpful. So, which are you?

• The “so cute and perfect” happy couple: This couple is so amazing and will stand the test of time. They love to be around each other, they sit in bed and read side by side, they help each other with their projects, they jump at the opportunity to help the other and most of all they laugh any chance they see the opportunity.

• The “whatever “couple: This couple separates often. He does his thing, she does hers and they are totally fine with this. They meet up when they can and don’t push the other to do anything. They are perfect in public settings and when they interact they find the simplicity in their uncomplicated relationship. They laugh when laughter presents itself.

• The “I can’t stand to be in the same breathing space as you” couple: This is the couple either nearing the end of their marriage or really losing the ability to survive the beginning of the marriage. They are uncomfortable to be around. They rarely laugh together instead feeling annoyed by the other spouses voice. They either ignore each other like the plague or attack on demand. They stopped laughing with each other a while back and can’t find it again….

Follow this link to read how to make your marriage better from my Union Times post

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