Note from your preschool teacher.

Dear Parent,

I love your child.  We have a blast playing every day. He/She laughs at the simplest of acts.  You know that laugh, the one where you can feel their inner adult coming out.  I often spend time trying to hear that sound come out of your child.

Laughter is the main idea I have in my preschool program!  We use our imagination to run around and act like monkeys or zebras, we fly in pretend spaceships, we caught an alien, all while learning real life.

Sometimes your child struggles.  They all do.  I am always going to tell you where your child struggles because, I am the first hope of helping your child become amazing in school.  You got this at home, I promise to be here in school.

Sometimes your child is going to get picked on or pick on another child or even BITE.  NO your child isn’t bad.  They are figuring out their way, at this time in life.  I will never judge your child. I will redirect them and help with making better choices, just like you would on the playground.

I will always tell you when he/she has decided peanut butter and jelly is gross.  I won’t force your child to eat.  They dont starve if they don’t like your lunch.  Would you want to eat a mushy sandwich happily? Me neither.  I wish I could share my own but state laws so NO!  I’m sorry.  I’ll teach them to share in other ways.

I am going to hug your children when they fall, scrape their knee, or their feelings are hurt.  Sometimes just one hug can make the difference.  I will also give a band aid even if there is no wound to show for the pain.  It’s just a band aid and sometimes its worth giving one up.

I am not just the teacher of your child.  I am your friend, your eyes when you can’t be there, and the other person showing your child real life and dedication.

I am here for your child and I will teach your child to be there for all other children.  I am teaching them this lesson along the side of you, the parent.

Thank you for being a great parent and raising an adorable child.



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  1. bzirkone · December 16, 2015

    Finally…a teacher who gets it. Excellent note home. Wish I’d have gotten this note from a few teachers back in the day. I imagine you are a brilliant teacher. I’d love it if my grand children had teachers like you.

    I also hear the laughter and there is almost nothing else that reminds me so quickly and vividly what life is all about. I keep band-aids in bulk around here and apply plenty when there is no evidence of an injury. The hugs…yes, they make all the difference when words are inadequate.

    What a bunch of lucky kids to have you teaching them in their first experience with school. I hope you send this note home with every kid, every year.


    • imaginewithdany · December 21, 2015

      I hope every teacher sends this home!!! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

    • imaginewithdany · January 27, 2016

      Thank you for reading! I have just figured out this part of wordpress or I would have responded sooner!!!!
      Life is definitely about keeping the laughter! You should write about that!


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