How do I dedicate to my dreams?

It isn’t an easy job for people to dedicate time everyday to their dreams. Excuses often fill their head and “Nay Sayers” can leak in. It’s especially scary when your dream relies solely on YOU. Career choices such as writing, playing music, drawing, blogging, being a college student and any other jobs that are solely focused around PERSONAL DEDICATION and your own skill set, are challenging. It is hard to be a success in areas where you hold yourself accountable and no one else pushes you.

We all give credit to successful authors,musicians,writers,artists,students, and any other careers that took years and years with hard work to obtain. Years and years of hyper focused concentration. They saw their dream and continued working on it until they succeeded. We want to harness that ability and love our careers and live our dreams too.



“Mom, you’re embarrasing.”

Embarrassing…. My young daughter has decided that I am embarrassing! Can you believe that?  I mean truly… embarrassing?

The only reason I chose to even leave the house today, in the rain, is because the paint fumes in the house were forcing us out.  It was either pass out from polyurethane or go to Star Bucks.

We drive over to Star Bucks. I am so excited for my girl date, that I even leave my cell phone in the car!  We are walking towards the door and I mention how excited I am to go inside with her,get tea, and sit and chat.

Her head spun around like she was hit in the head with a baseball bat.  She loudly questioned me, “What? We are NOT sitting in Star Bucks!”

In utter confusion, I explain that indeed we are sitting in Star Bucks and it will be fun.   We need to kill time before we go back to the poisonous noxious fumes.

“Mom, no offense, but no way, you’re embarrassing.”

At this moment I realize I dont like this conversation. My response: “REALLY!!!!!!  REALLY!  Embarrassing…

So I’m not embarrassing to go shopping with when  you need my cash, or my car, or my credit card but just to have a cup of tea?!   What could I possibly do to embarrass someone over tea?”

I turned around and headed back to the car with confused tweener walking behind me. “Wait we AREN’T getting Star Bucks mom?”

Not until I’m done being embarrassing!

What do you do that embarrasses  your kids!?DMW_0893


Home is where you place yourself.

She found it very difficult to leave her  marital home after many years of marriage.  She hated the idea of someone else painting the interior, the possibility that they would want to change the new kitchen sink.

She spent many months torn, as to what to do, with the marital home.   She cried when he would tell her to leave. She felt more attached to the memories inside of the home then she did her marriage.

As the marriage divided further and further apart  she held on tighter to the home.   Her children were raised there.  Her memories were placed there.  She shed so many tears and fought so hard to keep her babies safe.

Her final choice to move out of  the home was heart wrenching when truthfully she didn’t want to leave.  It was a constant spinning in her soul.  She knew that she always wanted the home however she couldn’t endure the marriage.  One last “get out”and she left.

She found a place that didn’t fit her normal lifestyle.  She changed everything she was in order to provide for her family.  She settled in areas no one would have expected.

Every picture they hung started their new life. Her tears stopped after a few months and her memories moved on.  Peace became hers in her new home

Home is where you place yourself.